Star Citizen Mining

star citizen mining

Star Citizen Mining


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Importance of Mining
  • How to Mine
  • Scanning
  • Mining
  • Fracture Mode
  • Extraction Mode
  • Selling your Ore
  • Additional Info







Welcome to the Star Citizen Mining guide. Make sure to bookmark this link as i will keep updating the guide whenever there are changes to the profession of mining.

The activity of mining was introduced to the game with the Alpha 3.2 update, offering us another major profession and the ability to pursue a miner’s career in the verse.


Importance of Mining


Mining is very important for Star Citizen for a couple of reasons.

First of all because this is the second major profession we are getting in-game, after trading, expanding our money – making options. With the activity of mining, players can now pursue an alternative way of making money in the Persistent Universe by searching, discovering and extracting ores and minerals.

With mining in the game, the developers also introduce Star Citizen’s production chain for the first time. This activity will be very important for the Star Citizen economy, that can facilitate or delay the production of ships, weapons or other items. Manufacturing in Star Citizen will be controlled by AI but the steady flow of mined ores or the lack of minerals can and will affect it.

Mining is also the first industrial profession that gets implemented in the game, introducing like this a quite popular series of activities.


How to Mine



To mine ores and minerals first you have to be able to find them. To make this possible another important feature for the future of Star Citizen was added as well, the feature of scanning. Right now scanning is only focusing on the activity of mining and how to discover mine-able rocks. Later though will expand and become an essential part of your everyday life in the verse.

By pressing TAB you can bring up the scanning UI and use the ping mechanic that allows you to find mine-able rocks nearby. While on scanning mode, you can press and hold the Left Mouse Button to charge your ship’s ping. Release it to perform a scan and locate rocks you can mine.

One very important note regarding scanning, is that when you send out a ping wave you also increase your ship’s passive radar detection range, allowing others to find you easily. In this first iteration of scanning and mining this will not affect you much but later in the game, it will create complications if you are trying to stay hidden while looking for mineral deposits.

Once your scan is complete, mine-able rocks nearby will appear temporarily on your HUD so you can travel to their location and start mining.

star citizen mining



When you arrive in the area of interest, you can switch to your ship’s mining mode by pressing M. You can easily identify the mine-able rocks by the orange color around them. The first thing you want to do is to hover in front of these rocks and let your mining UI to analyze them. After a few seconds of analysis you will receive several important info about the rock in front of you, like its mineral composition, instability and resistance levels.

Then you can decide if you want to start mining or move to another rock nearby. It is important to remember that not all rocks are the same. Each rock has different materials inside, some more valuable than other but also a different difficulty level. Some are easier to break than other.

Your mining UI is also providing you with some additional info, including the Laser Throttle, Rock Energy Level, Fracturing Sensor and Overchange Sensor. These are very important to perform mining successfully.

Mining has two modes, fracture and extraction.

Fracture Mode

When on fracturing mode you can use your ship’s mining laser to break a rock in front of you into several fragments.

The rock energy level consists of three zones, the first white one, which is the build up zone, the second green zone, where we want to keep the rock energy level to increase the fracturing sensor and the red zone, where it is dangerous to be and can increase the overcharge sensor causing like this a rock explosion. Our goal is to get the fracturing sensor to 100% while avoiding to increase the overcharge sensor.

To achieve this you have to adjust your laser throttle, with your mouse scroll, accordingly for every rock.

Extraction Mode

When you fracture the rock in front of you successfully it will break into several fragments. Some will be colored orange and you will have to break them again and others will be purple which means that you can start the extraction of minerals.

By pressing your Right Mouse Button you can switch to the extraction mode and start using your tractor beam. Simply target the purple fragments, fire the tractor beam and extract the minerals inside it. Your cargo hold will start filling so all you have to do is rinse and repeat until it is full.

Selling your Ore

After you have filled your cargohold you can head back to one of the three major hubs around Crusader and sell the mined ores for profit. A new mining kiosk was added with the 3.2 update close to the Administration NPC and the already existing trading kiosks in Port Olisar, Grim Hex and Levski.

Additional Info


In the 3.2 update mining is only possible with the Prospector, since it is the only mining dedicated vessel available in the game. In the future this will change with the implementation of more mining ships but also the ability to equip mining lasers and tractor beams to other ships.

For now you can mine only until the Prospector’s cargohold is full. After that you will have to visit a trading hub and sell your minerals. Later in the game it will be possible to use cargo ships and transport the Prospector’s cargo pods while the ship continues mining maximizing like this your efficiency and profits.


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