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Star Citizen Missiles




Welcome to the Star Citizen Missiles Guide for Star Citizen 3.0. Make sure to bookmark this link as i will keep updating this guide for every new update of Star Citizen. The goal of this guide is to help you understand the different categories of Star Citizen Missiles, how they work and how you can equip/use them effectively.

The missiles of Star Citizen are a strong weapon system that can increase the offensive capabilities of our ships and help us destroy hard targets faster. Right now missiles are mostly used in arena commander, because of how easy it is to replenish them, but they can also be used in the Persistent Universe to deal with threats. I believe that with more content being added to the persistent universe and the Stanton system becoming bigger and bigger, missiles will also become an integral part of every loadout both for offensive and defensive reasons. Missiles are a great tool to not only destroy targets but also scare away opponents or distract them long enough to escape.


Missile Racks


The first thing we need to mention about missiles is the missile rack system. Missile racks allow us to carry a certain number and size of missiles and can be equipped at specific hardpoints on our ships. In order to distinguish them better they are described with a three-digit number. The first digit is showing the size of the rack and where it can be equipped, the second is telling us the number of missiles it can carry and the third the size of these missiles. For example a 242 missile rack is a size two missile rack that can carry four size two missiles. Like this is very easy to know what kind of missiles and how many of each size our ships can carry.


Size & Signatures


Missiles themselves have their own unique characteristics and stats. Like every other weapon, missiles are divided in size categories with the bigger ones being torpedoes, powerful warheads that can deal with the biggest targets in the verse. The smaller a missile is, the faster it can lock a target and be deployed. As missiles grow in size, their damage grows as well but they also require more time to lock the target and have a longer ignition time. Ignition time is the time that it takes to the missile to start propelling itself toward a target from the moment it was deployed and it can go up to 4-5 seconds for the bigger in size missiles.

Another characteristic of missiles that is very important, is the type of signatures they are tracking. In Star Citizen there are three main signatures, EM – Electromagnetic, IR – Infrared and Cross-section. Because of this, the missiles of Star Citizen are again divided in three different categories, missiles that can track EM, missiles that can track IR and missiles that can track Cross-section signatures.



Choosing the Right Missile


Choosing the right missile for us and our goals depends on all these characteristics and can be crucial for our success or even our survival in the verse. For example if we are dealing with small, fast and agile targets, like the majority of threats are right now in game, it will be wise to use smaller size missiles that can lock our targets and deal with them faster. The big missiles and the torpedoes will be perfect for big and slow ships that cannot evade them easily. Having missiles of different size and signature tracking with us, will also be very helpful and allow us to deal with any kind of target we may encounter, that is if we have enough space to carry more than one type of missile.

With the persistent universe becoming bigger and bigger but also more content and stronger ships being added to the game, the probability of encountering many different targets will increase as well. This will make ships that can work as a missile platform, like the Freelancer MIS for example, a very good option for traveling around the Verse.


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