Star Citizen Roadmap 2018

star citizen roadmap


Star Citizen Roadmap 2018


Table of Contents :

  • Introduction
  • Changes
  • 3.1 Features
  • 3.2 Features
  • 3.3 Features
  • 3.4 Features




Welcome to the Star Citizen Roadmap for 2018. Make sure to bookmark the link, as i will keep updating this Roadmap whenever there are significant changes. CIG for the first time, since the project begun, have shifted their attention toward a schedule of quarterly releases, based on dates rather than features. Like this, the team is focusing on delivering updates without anymore delays, since if a feature is not ready it will simply be pushed to the next update.

The new Star Citizen roadmap for 2018 was presented to us recently, in a new more interactive format, showing the features scheduled for each one of the four upcoming updates but also their ongoing progress. Four updates are planned for 2018, 3.1 to 3.4 and if everything goes as planned we will get them at the end of March, end of June, end of September and end of December respectively.



Network Bind Culling that was originally scheduled for release with the 3.1 update was moved to 3.2 ( February 24th 2018 )

Added the Aopoa Nox Kue variant in Star Citizen 3.1 new ships ( March 3rd 2018 )

Star Citizen 3.1 was released on March 31st 2018

Following a 3.2 Feature Survey, many features that were planned originally for Star Citizen 3.2 were moved to 3.3. Additionally some new features were added to the 3.2 update and will hopefully make their first appearance to the game this June. ( April 7th 2018 )

All Mustang Reworks were moved to Star Citizen 3.3 from Star Citizen 3.2 ( May 4th 2018 )

The Network Bind Culling and Combat FPS AI were pushed back to 3.3 from the 3.2 update. ( June 9th 2018 )

Star Citizen 3.2 was released on June 30th 2018


3.1 ( Released )

With 3.1 we will see improvements to the Planetary tech, the flight control system, personal manager application, ship weapon balance and updated ship damage.
The character customizer will be implemented and allow players to choose from a variety of looks in order to customize their in-game avatar. Variety will increase over time.
Improvements to the AI, armors, ship & character weapons will begin with 3.1 and will continue with the other 3 updates, as well as an ongoing performance optimization.

The feature of Service Beacon and the ability for players to send out a distress call for other players to assist, will also make its appearance for the first time with 3.1. Originally the entire feature of Service Beacons was planned for the 3.2 update.
New ships that will come with 3.1 include the Reclaimer, Terrapin, Razor & Cyclone as well as the Nox Kue variant.

star citizen roadmap


3.2 ( Released )


Mining & Scanning, Groups Systems & Quantum Linking, Item Kiosk Shopping and an improved Quantum Travel are some of the new features the 3.2 update brings to Star Citizen.
With this new update is now possible to overclock our ship modules and increase their performance at the cost of power.
New ships include the 600i, Hurricane, Eclipse, Avenger rework and the Vanduul Blade.




3.3 will further improve performance with the addition of the Network Bind Culling along with the Object Container Streaming, a tech that allows to stream in new environments, locations and ships seamlessly as players approach. This update will be very important because it will expand the Persistent Universe for the first time after the release of Star Citizen 3.0 with the addition of the planet Hurston, its main landing zone Lorville and the four moons orbiting Hurston, Arial, Aberdeen, Magda & Ita.

The comm arrays will be updated and the basic version of rest stops ( small space stations ) will be implemented.

3.3 will also expand mining with the addition of asteroid mining.

Combat FPS AI will also make its first steps with the 3.3 update, introducing NPC hostiles on the ground.

New ships include the Constellation Phoenix, the Hammerhead, the Mustang Rework and the Cyclone variants.



Finally 3.4 will expand further the Persistent Universe with the addition of the planet ArcCorp, its main landing zone Area 18 and the two moons orbiting ArcCorp, Lyria & Wala.

Salvaging and improvements to missions and service beacons have been moved to 3.4 from 3.3

The female character will be finally playable.

New ships include the 300i rework, Hawk, Reliant & Freelancer variants and Constellation Taurus.


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