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star citizen super hornet

Star Citizen Super Hornet


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Super Hornet review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Super Hornet is a special combat variant of the Hornet series with the capacity to carry two persons, a pilot and a gunner.




The Super Hornet is one of the strongest combat ships in Star Citizen at the moment, along with the Sabre. As a space superiority fighter its goal is very simple, to control an area and fight any hostile attempting to infiltrate. Thanks to its equipment, the Super Hornet is an excellent option for every player interested in combat activities.

The capacity to carry two persons also make it a very good ship for a duo of friends or a solo player. It is strictly a combat ship, this is what it excels at. Due to its lack of any kind of utility equipment, it cannot be used to carry cargo around or perform similar activities.

Your main source of income when flying this ship will be from escorting others, hunting down criminals and in general offering protection to your fleet.

That of course does not mean that you cannot use the Super Hornet for illegal activities, like attacking a trader. Thanks to its weaponry, it is an excellent option for any kind of combat.


The Super Hornet comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The weaponry of the Super Hornet is truly impressive. Not only because of the many weapons it can carry with its default loadout but also thanks to the plethora of strong combinations you can experiment with.

Three size 3 mounts on the wings and nose and a size 5 turret mount above the hull will allow you to try a number of different weapons. Its default loadout comes with two turrets on the nose and the size 5 mount, that allow to the Super Hornet to carry up to six weapons. It is up to you to leave that combination as it is or change it entirely. You can have up to 6 weapons of size one to size three or you can choose to bring less but much stronger ones.

The Super Hornet also comes with missile weaponry. Two missile racks that can carry four size one missiles each, eight in total. Like with the weapons, you can also replace the missiles racks and the missiles to create exactly the loadout you want to have.

It is clear that this vessel has an amazing potential when discussing weapons and missiles combinations. You can turn your super hornet into a specialized combat ship, carrying specific equipment, perfect for tackling any opponent.

star citizen super hornet


The Super Hornet lacks any kind of utility equipment. Its cargo capacity is at zero, it is not a ship meant for commercial activities or storing loot, discovered items. We could say that its primary utility is to provide safety for other vessels that can carry cargo or search for salvage and items.

Inside the cockpit we can find six screens and a 3D radar for traveling around and monitoring the status of your ship. Two of the screens are placed above the pilot’s head though, which makes it hard to use them when fighting.

The visibility from the cockpit is decent for a combat ship and will allow you to control the field around you but also monitor your enemy’s movements with ease. In that helps a lot the second player that the Super Hornet can carry. A second pair of eyes will be really helpful when fighting more than one opponents.


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