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Star Citizen Terrapin


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Terrapin Review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes  to this ship. The Terrapin is a scanning/exploration ship with a focus on discovering and collecting info rather than items. The Terrapin has the capacity to carry up to two persons, a pilot and a scanner operator.




The Terrapin is a special scanning vessel that can be an asset for every fleet or individual. The focus of its gameplay revolves around finding points of interest, collecting info to sell to others or share with your friends and make a profit in that way. This is not your typical exploration ship that you will take on an exploration trip in the verse, hoping to return full of loot.

Thanks to its design and equipment, the Terrapin can also be used as a forward scout, operating behind enemy lines, monitoring their movements. But its main role will always be that of discovering valuable info to sell for profit.

The Terrapin can carry a crew of up to two persons, a pilot and a dedicated scanner operator, making it an excellent option for solo players or a duo of friends. The way the ship operates is also very straightforward. The pilot picks a remote place to hide the ship while the scanner operator is “listening”, searching for the right info, discoveries.

The Terrapin is not the best ship to use for transferring goods around since its cargo capacity is at zero. It does have enough room in the interior though to place manually cargo crates and items, so it could be used to complete missions up to a certain degree.

You should always do your best to avoid combat when piloting a Terrapin mainly because of its poor speed, maneuverability and limited weaponry.


The Terrapin comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The weaponry of the Terrapin is very limited. The ship is focusing mostly on defense and its primary goal is to not be discovered. With only one turret bearing two size two weapons the ship can keep at bay specific opponents but could never mount a serious defense against an organized fleet of attackers.

The Terrapin is a durable ship that can take a beating and survive. Its heavy armor and its medium size shield will keep you alive long enough to escape attackers. Because of its low speed and slow acceleration though, you will have to be smart and use your environment to your benefit. Places like asteroid belts are the best for the Terrapin. You can hide in there and lose your pursuers with ease.


The design of the ship is such as to provide maximum defense while scanning and when detected. By turning off most of its equipment the Terrapin can remain hidden, scanning for info. By opening its armor plates the Terrapin can vent heat out and continue performing its role undetected.

The interior is basically split into two areas, the cockpit and the main room. In the main room a scanning chair/station is located, as well as a small crew quarters area.

In the cockpit there are eight screens providing to the pilot all the necessary info about the ship and its status. The visibility is really bad but the role of the Terrapin is not sightseeing. A 3D radar is also located here for traveling purposes.

The main room includes the scanning station, where the magic happens. At the back of the ship there is a bed and a small bathroom area for its crew. In the interior of the vessel we can also get access to the components of the ship. Like this the crew can make any repairs or replace a broken component without going into EVA and possibly giving away their position.

The cargo capacity of the Terrapin is zero but there is enough room inside to place cargo crates manually.

There is only one entry/exit to the ship, from the side ramp. An essential feature to complement the role and design of this vessel but a serious liability if things start going south.

star citizen terrapin

Additional Info

The primary role of the Terrapin, which is scanning/exploration, is not yet implemented in the game. There are no news yet regarding the addition of these features in-game.


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