What is Anthem

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What is Anthem


Anthem is an always online action – role playing game set in a beautiful and evolving world. In Anthem players will assume the role of a freelancer and attempt to assist the inhabitants of this world while collecting rare loot.

In its core, Anthem is a shooter – looter game with the ultimate goal being to collect the best and rarest items, weapons, components, become stronger and fight the most fearsome enemies the game has to offer.


To succeed in their goals, players can use four customizable exosuits, called Javelins.

These four Javelins include the Ranger, the Interceptor, the Storm and the Colossus. Every player starts with the Ranger and eventually will be able to unlock the other three.

Ranger : The starter Javelin and a jack of all trades. A good and easy to use exosuit that can help players learn the ropes of the game fast.

Interceptor : A fast and deadly, scout/assassin like Javelin. Perfect for players that enjoy fast paced action and are not affraid to get into melee range.

Storm : The Storm is the mage like Javelin of Anthem. Utilizing elemental damage to freeze, burn and electrocute its enemies while staying as far as possible from the front lines.

Colossus : The tank like Javelin of Anthem. A sturdy exosuit with some aggro abilities that can take a beating.

At first glance the four Javelins may look like fulfilling the typical roles of every other game but Anthem is not following the Holy Trinity rule. Every Javelin can assume any role through the customization options of the game.

What makes Anthem to stand out from other titles of the genre is not only the many customization options at your disposal but mainly the ability to fly and hover with your favorite Javelin.

An ability that adds another tactical element to combat and introduces new strategies to the battlefield. Out of the four Javelins the Storm can stay airborn for longer but all of them can use special components that will allow them to overheat slower fly more.

In Anthem you progress with your pilot and every new ability you earn will apply to every Javelin you have unlocked.

anthem game


The heart of Anthem is collecting loot to customize your Javelins.

Every Javelin can bear two weapons, one melee skill, use three abilities and a powerful Ultimate to destroy enemies.

While adventuring in the world of Anthem, completing missions and expeditions, you can acquire new weapons and components. These new items can alter the way your Javelins operate in the field, giving it new advantages and disadvantages while in general helping you create your own personal gameplay style.

For example it is possible to build an Ice Storm, a Storm focusing on ice attacks to freeze and immobilize your targets or a sniper Ranger, a Ranger staying behind, picking targets one by one with strong sniper rifles.

There is a plethora of components and items to choose from and many different playstyles you can create in Anthem.

It is also possible to craft items and weapons as long as you have found and learned the recipe.

Finally the option to customize the appearance of your Javelins is of course present and will keep you occupied for hours.

anthem game

Gameplay Options

Another new element Anthem is attempting to introduce to the genre is the combination of an open online world with a single player campaign.

Bioware has created a single player game inside Anthem that you get to enjoy every time you visit the main area of the game, Fort Tarsis.

In there you get to meet NPC, have a conversation with them and develop your relationship through a plethora of dialogue options. As you progress in the story you unlock more missions and factions, leading to new content and opportunities to collect loot and become stronger.

In general there are three different gameplay types, Missions, Freeplay and Strongholds.

Missions are special quests you get from NPC at Fort Tarsis that advance the story and will help you understand more the world of Anthem.

Freeplay is exactly that, playing freely, exploring the open world of Anthem alone or with friends. While in freeplay you can come across World events you can complete for special rewards.

Finally Strongholds are strong dungeon like areas with waves of enemies and a strong final Boss to defeat.

Anthem has six difficulties. Easy, normal and hard that are available from the beginning and three more that you unlock once you reach the highest level of the game, which on release will be thirty.

Grandmaster 1, grandmaster 2 and Grandmaster 3 that greatly increase the difficulty of enemies and is where the best and most rare items drop from.

Anthem is a game that you can enjoy solo but to defeat the hardest content bringing your friends and following a strategy will be essential.

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