X4 Foundations Crew Management

x4 foundations crew

X4 Foundations Crew Management


Hiring Crew for your vessels can be crucial for your success in the X4 Universe.

There are many activities you can automate and complete with the help of your crew-members, like Mining or Trading and eventually create your own empire in-game.

How to Hire Crew

There are two main methods you can follow in order to hire crew in X4 Foundations.

The first involves you getting up from your cockpit and walking around stations. Inside the countless space stations of the game there are plenty NPC that are available for hire.

By initiating a discussion with them, you can choose the hire option and have them work for you. This option will take you to the hire screen from where you can see the NPC’s skills and assign him/her to one of your properties.

It is up to you to hire the NPC as a pilot, service crew or a marine. Whichever option you choose, you can change it later.

The second method is available only through a Wharf, Shipyard or Equipment dock and accessible through the “Buy new Ships” or “Upgrade Ship” Tabs.

Whenever you buy a new ship you must hire at least a pilot but you can hire additional crew-members if you like. You can visit these locations and hire more service crew or marines for your existing ships.

This is a good way of hiring skillful pilots, that can perform more actions effectively.

Giving Orders

When you own a couple ships and have assigned crew-members to them, there are some orders you can give them, have them work for you, make you money or perform other tasks.

The easiest orders you can give to the crew of a ship is to fly around and explore an area, check prices, do some trading locally or even on a Galactic scale.

You can give these orders by simply selecting a ship, then right clicking on the map to see the available options.

Form Wings

One of the easiest and helpful orders you can give is to have ships assigned to other or yours, creating like this wing formations.

Wings help your ships to work together, protect each other and in general maximize their results.

To create a wing click on a ship then right click to the ship you want to be the wing’s leader. This will give you the option to assign the first ship to the leader and choose its role in the wing.

You can have a couple fighters escorting and protecting a trade ship or other trade, mining ships working for the leader making money.

It is also possible to choose the wing’s flying formation but the available options will depend on the leading pilot’s skills.

Another way to create a wing is to contact one of your other pilots and ask them to join your squad while you are in space.

Auto Mining & AutoTrade

Two of the most important activities you can automate are Trading and Mining. With the correct orders to your crew, you can have them running around, trading for profit and prospecting without you having to constantly order them.

Both activities can be set properly through the behaviour Tab.

Auto Mining

Auto Mining is a good way to make money or rather a good way to have your crew making money for you.

To set it up all you have to do is pick your already crewed Mining vessel, open its information Tab and go to the behaviour settings.

From here you can set a default behaviour for the crew to follow when there are no active orders from you. Basically give them the order to mine indefinitely and forget about them. They will stop only if an enemy destroy them.

To make things easy, first order your mining vessel to reach the area you want it to mine from. Once it arrives there you can set its default behaviour.

In the “Set Default Behaviour” option choose the Automine activity. There are many options here and whether your crew can perform them or not depends on the skill of your pilot. Automine has a one star required skill, so it is easy to assign.

Choose the Minerals or Gases your ship will collect and how far it will travel, to find a station to sell them, from the Max gate distance option.

That is all. Your Automine is set and your crew will begin shortly making you money.

x4 foundations crew


AutoTrade works in the same way with Auto Mining, when you set it from the behaviour Tab.

The main difference is that it requires three stars, hence a more skillful pilot, to perform it. From the behaviour Tab choose AutoTrade, the wares you want your crew to trade and how far they can go to buy and sell them.

AutoTrade is in general a very good money making method.

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