X4 Foundations SETA

x4 foundations seta



SETA stands for Singularity Engine Time Accelerator and is the most valuable tool in X4 Foundations.

When SETA is activated it speeds up time in the X4 Universe by six times. Unlike previous titles, SETA is not available to players from the beginning of the game. You have to craft it.

How to Craft SETA

You can craft SETA on the crafting bench found in the trader’s corner in every station. There are three materials you will have to collect in order to craft it.

A damaged Singularity Engine, a Flux Capacitor and a programmable Field Array. You can obtain these materials only as drops after destroying vessels from the two hostile races, Xenon and Kha’ak.

The Programmable Filed array seems to be the easiest to find while the Flux Capacitor the hardest.

x4 foundations seta

How to Use SETA

Once you craft SETA you can access it from your ship’s interaction screen. It will appear as another mode along with the travel and scans modes. Or you can simply press SHIFT+4 to activate and deactivate it.

SETA is very useful because it allows you to travel faster, build stations and ships faster and speeds up the economic activity of your traders and miners, making you rich faster.

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