X4 Foundations Station Building Guide

x4 foundations station building

X4 Foundations Station Building Guide



The freedom to build your own space stations is what makes X4 Foundations to stand out from other titles in the genre. Players are free to build their own space stations, factories and refineries, creating and expanding like this their own Empire in-game.

The process of building a station is rather simple.  If you know the blueprint of the modules you want to add and have enough money, you can create any design you like.



Before you can actually start constructing a station you have to create a plot and buy the licence for it. In your map there is a “Manage Plots” tab, from where you basically start the process of building a space station.

Here you can decide the size of the plot by adjusting the X, Y, Z directions. Decide how big the plot will be and how big the station inside that plot can become. Once you are happy with its size, you can create and place that plot almost everywhere inside the sector you are.

Every plot has a licence cost you must pay. This is the fee you are paying to the faction controlling the sector so you can build in their territory. You can choose not to pay the licence but this will be concidered as a hostile action by the faction controlling the area.

The bigger the plot the more expensive the licence will be. The cost of the licence is also affected by the location you have chosen. Building closer to a highway or a jump gate will be more expensive.

When you are happy with your plot and its location you can continue to construction.

x4 foundations station building


After you have placed your plot you can start designing your space station. In the building interface, you can see on the left the modules you know how to build, on the center the design of your current station and on the right the required resources to build the modules already placed.

To create a station you pick modules from the left side of the screen and drag them to the center to place them. Each module has attach points so you can connect them easily with eachother and create interesting designs. To rotate a module, place it anywhere then right click on it and hold. While holding move your mouse around.

On the right side of the screen you can see the resources required to build every module but also the prices you are willing to pay to buy them. You can offer a lower price or even buy and move them to the construction site yourself.

To buy the resources transfer enough funds from your account to the available money for construction. One last but very important thing to begin constructing your new space station, is hiring a builder. You can hire one from the map easily if it is nearby. If you cannot see one you may have to travel a bit around.

After everything is ready, confirm the module changes and just wait for the construction to begin.

x4 foundations station building

The station will start buying the necessary resources, using the funds you have transferred. NPC traders will start bringing the resources to your Build Storage, an action that can take several minutes to complete. Only when all the required resources have been brought to the area construction will begin.

The construction is taking place right in front of you so you can choose to stick around and enjoy watching the process. It takes a specific amount of time to build every module. When your builder has finished creating all modules, your station will be ready.

Blueprints & Manager

At first you have knowledge of few module blueprints only. You can learn more by buying them from a faction representative, if you are friendly enough with his faction or by hacking data leaks around space stations.

On every space station you build you can assign a manager to run the place. An easy process since you can assign the role of manager to every crew member already working for you.

Pick the crew member of your choice, ask them to work somewhere else for you, select a station of your choice and assign them the role of manager.



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