X4 Foundations Trading Guide

x4 foundations trading

X4 Foundations Trading Guide



Trading has always been very important for every game of the X series. This has not changed with X4 Foundations. Trading in X4 is more dynamic than ever, assisting in the creation of a robust economy and a living, breathing universe.

By performing this activity you will be able to make a lot of money relatively fast and start building your empire in the X4 universe.


Types of Trading

It is possible to distinguish trading in two major categories.

The first and most important one, where we trade wares between space stations and the second that involves inventory items.


Trading Inventory Items

This type of trading is actually very simple but you have to get up and walk around in order to find the appropriate NPC. Aboard a space station you can find a trader NPC that will sell but also buy specific items, wares.

These items are mostly found in space, dropped by NPC after a fight. That is the main reason to visit the NPC. You can also buy crafting wares from here, to use when crafting specific items.

Finally the trader NPC has Spacesuit upgrades available for you as well.

x4 foundations trading

Trading between Space Stations

This is the main and most important form of trading in X4 Foundations. An easy process you can complete from your cockpit.

When you visit a space station, refinery, factory etc you can access its wares, see what is available and decide if you want to buy or sell. The Trade interface has five columns.

The first is showing the available for trade wares in the station.

The second their price, that if you hover above will also show you how cheaper or expensive it is compared to the average.

The third how many of these wares you have in your ship storage.

The Fourth how many units the station is willing to sell and

The Fifth how many units the station is willing to buy.


The fundamental rule of Trading is “Buy low, Sell high”. What that basically means is to find a cheap ware to buy that you can sell at a higher price somewhere else. This is where the map of X4 Foundations comes into play.

x4 foundations trading

The map is a powerful tool that will help you discover the best deals and create profitable trade routes.

When clicking on a station you can see the wares that are available for trade there, their price and their supply or demand. To become an effective trader you will have to explore and discover as many stations as possible. Like this you will increase your opportunities to make a profit.

Once you have visited a station you will have access to the prices for the next five hours, even if you are not in the area. If you do not visit the station again in the next five hours you will lose that knowledge.

An easy way to avoid this is with the use of a satellite. By deploying a satellite near a station you get a constant live feedback of its prices, even when you are not there. Satellites have a range of 30km and can be destroyed by hostiles.

When you have discovered several stations, things can become a bit chaotic. It will be hard to keep track of everything. A good way to filter wares and check their availability in other stations easily, is by clicking on them.

Like this you highlight a ware and hide the others, making it easier to search around for it. You can choose and check multiple wares following that method.


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