X4 Foundations Venture Guide

x4 foundations venture

X4 Foundations Venture Guide


The feature of Ventures is an optional online mode and basically the first form of multiplayer in the X universe ever.

With Ventures, players send their ships to other players’ universes to gain various rewards.

How to Venture

In order to participate in Ventures you must first connect to the online features with your Egosoft community account, via the game’s settings. Only then you will be able to construct the necessary buildings and send your ship to a venture.

Once you activate this feature you can gain access to the Venture platform and a S/M Venture sendoff dock in-game. These two buildings are essential to send your ships on a venture.

Pick one of your stations and build the platform and the sendoff dock by following the normal building process.

When they are both ready, pick a ship you want to send on a venture from your properties tab. Then right click on the station and choose Venture from : Venture platform I, for example.

When your ship is ready to go you can enter the station and with the transporter’s help reach the Venture console, inside the Venture platform.

x4 foundations venture

From there you can see info on the ship you have chosen but also the available to you Ventures. There are different types of Ventures to choose from that take a specific amount of time to complete and have different rewards. To have better chances to succeed, you must pick the appropiate type of ship for each Venture.

By using this console you can also see the results of a Venture after it is complete.

Rewards & Additional Info

The rewards from Ventures can vary. Right now you can earn credits, paints and equipment modifications as well as Egocredits, a new form of currency that will most probably be used in the future for cosmetic purchases.

When you send a ship on a Venture you do not have control over it. So basically you cannot mess with other players’ games.

You cannot send ships on a venture from a modified game but you can receive visitors, which appear with a yellow color on the map.

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